New Year, New Skill

New Year, New Skill

With the world flipped upside down in 2020, and an overwhelming amount of information available with a click of a button, it is only to be expected that consumers will be doing extra research before committing to spending their money. This rings especially true when it comes to self-care and choosing which products and businesses to invest in, such as haircare and salons. With a plethora of beautifully constructed Instagram accounts featuring perfectly coiffed manes and strategically placed products, stylists need to work even harder to get noticed and set themselves apart from the competition. 

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

One way to get noticed in this competitive landscape is to not only offer, but specialize in, a service that other stylists do not. One of those services is, you guessed it — professional hair extensions! Extensions are increasingly becoming a mainstream service, as both stylists and consumers learn that professional hair extensions can be the answer to many client needs and desires. 

Training Pays For Itself

In addition to being able to offer a service that other stylists do not, there are many other reasons why you should consider offering extensions to your customers. For some stylists, taking on extensions may be a daunting idea. However, very affordable Tony Odisho certification pays for itself after as few as 1-2 extensions services. And although the myth has faded in the last few years, many still view extensions as a high-ticket service that most clients simply cannot afford. That may be true in certain instances, but when priced properly, extension services can be affordable for the clients, while yielding a higher profit per hour than almost all services for stylists. 

Multiple Applications

Extensions can be used in a wide variety of ways besides just a full head application to add length. Chemical-free color, or partial applications to help grow out a pixie or fill in sides after a chemical cut are just a few easy ways to introduce your clientele to extensions. Most clients are great candidates for some type of extensions application if properly educated on what professional hair extensions can do for them. 

As with all services, proper education is the key to success. Taking a class not only allows you to market your new skill to your clientele while gaining new clients, but it also helps you grow a deeper understanding of a product and company. 

Grow Your Clientele With the Help of Tony Odisho

Tony Odisho offers classes for three extension methods: fusion, tape, and beaded weft. In addition to learning proper application and removal techniques, stylists taking our classes learn how to market themselves, price their extensions services, and how to set their clients up for success with proper at-home maintenance products and practices. Tony Odisho not only offers extensions, but also everything you need to apply, remove, and maintain them. 

Contact us today to learn how you can add length to your list of services with Tony Odisho’s professional hair extensions!

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