Five Reasons To Try Hair Extensions This Spring

Five Reasons To Try Hair Extensions This Spring

Spring is finally here! After a long winter (and even longer past year) signs of hope and renewal all around. Spring is the perfect time to do away with the old and try something new and when it comes to your hair, may we suggest Remy human hair clip-in extensions from world-renowned stylist Tony Odisho? In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at five reasons to try hair extensions and explain how they can breathe new life into your hairstyle this spring. Keep reading, and to order Tony Odisho Velo Clip-In Extensions for home use, or to find a salon where you can get Tony Odisho extensions from a professional, please visit our website. 

Change Your Look

One of the most popular reasons to use hair extensions is to instantly update your look. If you’re tired of getting the same color and cut, why not go for added length this time instead of taking length off? It can take years to grow your natural hair — in fact, it takes one full year to grow your hair just six inches! With hair extensions, you can try a completely different hairstyle — one that even requires long hair in just as little as five minutes.

If you’re ready to take your hair from “just okay” to long and lustrous overnight, the only way to do it is with hair extensions. With just a few simple clips and an invisible wire, you can add instant length and volume anytime you please. 

Add Volume

Speaking of volume, after a year riddled with stress, anxiety, and too much time spent in isolation, your body (including your hair) is likely feeling the effects. Hair loss or thinning hair is a common consequence of stress and it can be a hit to your confidence — making you feel even worse. Fortunately, Remy human hair extensions are the easiest way to achieve the extra volume you desire. And, with our Velo line of clip-in extensions, you can style your hair without having to make a trip to the salon.    

Experiment With Color

While you’re in the mood to update your look, why not freshen things up with a new color? Of course, you can always just get color or highlights at your local salon, but you risk making a long-term mistake and causing damage to your hair. For a better solution, try adding Remy hair extensions in a different color. You could add a layer that’s a shade lighter or darker to create an ombre look. Keep in mind that because Remy hair extensions are made with real human hair, you can easily color them. That makes it easy to see how a new color will look. Don’t like it? Simply remove your extensions whenever you wish — no harm done!  

Try a New Style

Have you always wished you could have long, beautiful hair with beachy waves? Or maybe you’d like to have just the right kind of hair to create a dramatic updo? With hair extensions, you can have both! Extensions are an easy way to create just the style you want, whenever you want.  

The Tony Odisho Velo clip extensions can be worn straight or wavy and can be colored or worn as-is. They’re easy to use and can be applied right in the comfort of your own home without having to make an appointment at the salon. 

Get Ready To Go Out!

It seems like it's been so long since you could go out for a girl’s night or take in a show without having to worry about events being canceled or places being closed. A return to normalcy is within sight, and that means making plans to look your best and enjoying a much-needed night out! 

If months of living in yoga pants has you excited to get dressed up again, we hear you! And there’s no better way to make sure you have the perfect hair for your return to the social scene than to order hair extensions from Tony Odisho. Our Velo clip-in extensions are made with real Remy human hair for superior quality and exceptional blendability, so you’ll always get the beautiful and natural look you want, with the added option of being able to color your extensions if you so choose.

Freshen Up Your Spring Hairstyle With Velo Clip-In Hair Extensions From Tony Odisho

Tony Odisho’s hair extensions, hair care products, and tools are used in salons across the United States and now you can try them at home with our Velo line of clip-in extensions. If you’re interested in learning more about our Remy human hair extensions or would like to find a salon near you that offers our tape, fusion, or weft extensions, simply use the salon finder on our website.   

Velo clip-in extensions are easy to apply and remove, are available in two different lengths, and offer you the convenience of being able to change up your hairstyle whenever you wish, without having to commit. See for yourself why so many people choose Tony Odisho hair extensions — order yours today and experience the difference!

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