Bring Your Hair Back to Life with the Ostia Repair and/or Hydrate hair masque.

Bring Your Hair Back to Life with the Ostia Repair and/or Hydrate hair masque.

Hey there! Let's chat about the Tony Odisho Ostia Collection Repair Hair Masque and Hydrate Hair Masque, two fantastic products for your locks.

Tony Odisho created this deep treatment to repair damaged and over-processed hair. It is fortified with keratin and a blend of nutrients to help rejuvenate, repair, and rebuild the elasticity of your natural hair and hair extensions. It works its magic by nourishing each strand from within, giving you that much-needed bounce and shine.

On the other hand, if your hair is feeling a little dry and lackluster, look no further than the Tony Odisho Ostia Collection Hydrate Hair Masque. This nutrient-rich deep conditioning masque is ideal for dry, damaged hair. Its unique formula restores and maintains the health, moisture, and luster of your natural hair or hair extensions.

Both of these products are truly revolutionary when it comes to hydrating and revitalizing your hair. Whether you prefer a quick three-minute treatment or a luxurious spa-like experience, the results are nothing short of incredible. This means that incorporating them into your existing hair care routine is a breeze, without any hassle.

The Tony Odisho Ostia Repair Masque is perfect for those seeking long-lasting conditioning benefits. Use it up to twice a week to enjoy silky, weightless hair that feels absolutely amazing. Alternatively, the Tony Odisho Hydrate Masque is ideal for those in need of extra nourishment. Use it as needed for a boost of hydration, or even daily if you have thick, dry hair. This masque deeply moisturizes your hair, leaving it irresistibly soft and easy to manage.

No matter the cause of your hair woes, whether it's heat styling, coloring, or simply everyday wear and tear, both of these hair masques have got you covered. So why not give them a try? Discover the confidence that comes with long-lasting, healthy hair and indulge in some much-deserved self-care for your locks. They truly deserve it!



Tony Odisho began his career in Rome, Italy, where he studied cosmetology at the prestigious Marelena Academy. Young and ambitious, Tony immigrated to the United States determined to bring the best beauty practices from Europe. He was promptly hired by L’Oreal Professional to work as an educator and color expert. Tony then opened his acclaimed salon and spa, Exsalonce, in Chicago in 2000. Tony’s reputation as a master extensionist and businessman landed him an executive position for a major hair extensions brand. In 2009, Tony saw the need for his own line of high-end hair extensions. He created Tony Odisho , offering the best quality extensions and everything needed to apply and care for them.

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