New Hair Trend: Upgrade Your Look This Fall 2023 with Hair Extensions!

New Hair Trend: Upgrade Your Look This Fall 2023 with Hair Extensions!

As the fall season descends upon us, it brings along with it a fresh wave of fashion trends and styles. Among these, one trend has been capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts: Hair Extensions. Tony Odisho Velo hair extensions offer a remarkable level of versatility and flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly create stunning looks within minutes. The best part? You do not need to be a professional to install these extensions, you can easily apply them from the comfort of your own home.

One of the main advantages of using Velo Hair Extensions this fall season is the ability to effortlessly enhance both the volume and length of your hair. As the weather grows colder, our hair tends to lose its vitality and can appear lackluster.

However, fear not, as Tony Odisho has recently unveiled their newly revamped Velo hair extensions, designed to combat these hair woes. The new innovative Velo system consists of two pieces, each serving a specific purpose. The first piece features a suspended wire and two stationary clips, providing an extra layer of security to ensure a seamless and comfortable fit. The second piece is equipped with four removable clips, allowing for a customized fit that perfectly blends with your natural hair. These remarkable extensions are available in two lengths: 16 inches, weighing 170 grams, and 20 inches, weighing 175 grams. Furthermore, they are offered in a wide range of classic colors, enabling you to select the ideal shade that flawlessly matches your own hair.

With that said, Fall is the season of warmth and rich colors. Two popular hair color trends this fall are warm caramel highlights for a cozy look or rich copper tones for a bold statement. 

To achieve a warm and cozy look, consider trying the new Tony Odisho 12/DB2 Velo hair extensions. These luscious golden tones effortlessly add warmth and depth to your locks, blending seamlessly with this season's color palette.

If you prefer a more rich and bold statement, the new Tony Odisho #130 Velo hair extensions are perfect for you. The distinct shade of copper adds a touch of vibrancy to any hairstyle, making it an ideal option for those looking to make a bold statement. With its warm undertone and range of hues, from fiery red to burnt oranges, copper hair is versatile enough to complement any skin tone. This look will instantly give you that confident and trendy edge.

No matter which trend you choose to embrace this fall, Velo Hair Extensions by Tony Odisho are the perfect accessory to elevate your style, all without resorting to damaging treatments or dyes. Experience the wonders of Velo Hair Extensions and embrace the opportunity to revitalize your hair with ease and elegance this fall season.


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