Holiday Low Ponies and Accessories

Holiday Low Ponies and Accessories

One style that will always be on-trend is ponytails. There are several ways to wear a pony and an endless number of options for accessorizing the style. When it comes to accessorizing during the holiday season, the more the merrier! Our favorite hair accessory to start any look is, you guessed it, more hair! Velo Extensions are the perfect way to change or enhance your look in as little as five minutes with no long-term commitments. 

To install, section off hair approximately two inches away from the hairline and clip away. Place the wire on top of the head (like a headband) and the laced weft just below the occipital bone. Let hair down and brush to blend. Then, create a horizontal part just above the occipital bone and clip away. Secure the other weft with attached clips. Let hair down and brush to blend.

Once the Velo Extensions are installed, prep hair with your favorite heat protectant and add curls to create texture in preparation for the pony.


DIY/Quick & Easy Style Tip

For a quick and easy style, start by backcombing hair to add height and volume. Using a bungee or hair tie, secure hair at the nape, leaving some pieces out around the face to create a more romantic, relaxed look. Add an over-sized scrunchie over the pony, and two clips to either side of the head for more drama. 

Pull Through Pony Braid  

Pull a section of hair from your temples up and secure it with an elastic. Clip the tail up so it’s out of the way and then gather another section of hair right below it and secure with a clear elastic.  You should now have two ponytails stacked right on top of each other. Remove the clip, split the top ponytail in half, and wrap each section around the second ponytail.  Combine the sections and secure them together with a clear elastic underneath. Keep repeating the steps for our pull-through braid all the way to the ends. When you get to the end, secure with a large bow and place a glitzy clip over the elastic.  

Get Your Perfect Holiday Look With Velo Extensions and More From Tony Odisho

If you want to enhance your look or create an entirely new style in just a few minutes, the Velo Extensions from Tony Odisho can provide an unlimited number of possibilities. They can be applied and removed at your convenience without having to go to a salon — making them a great choice for creating that special look during the holidays. 

All of our Velo Extensions are made with 100% Human Remy Hair and are available in two different lengths. Choose from a wide variety of colors to match or accent your current hair color. Make sure you're ready for the holidays and place your order from Tony Odisho today!

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